The Billings Method: Using the body’s natural signal of fertility to achieve or avoid pregnancy (New Edition)

By: Dr. Evelyn Billings & Dr. Ann Westmore
Wanting a baby? Not wanting a baby just now?

Nature has provided every woman with a precise signal of her state of fertility, which she can quickly learn to recognise. This simple fact is the basis of the Billings Method, which has helped millions of women around the world to tune into their own bodies and achieve healthy, natural fertility control.Using the Billings Method you and your partner can be confident of knowing every day whether you are fertile or infertile, and so decide when to make love, depending on whether you want to achieve or avoid pregnancy.This book is a clear guide for all women, whether your cycles are regular or irregular, whether you are coming off the Pill, breastfeeding a new baby, or approaching the menopause.

‘This is knowledge of her body that every woman ought to have’ Dr Evelyn Billings 

Teaching the Billings Ovulation Method Part 1

By: Drs. John and Evelyn Billings

An essential resource for all Billings Ovulation Method® teachers and users of the Method.

This booklet written by the founders of the Billings Ovulation Method®, Drs Evelyn and John Billings explains the phases of the cycle and the accompanying cervical responses which the woman can identify through the observation of vulval sensations and visual observations. Explains the Rules to achieve as well as avoid pregnancy.

Gift of Life and Love

By: Dr. John J. Billings

This booklet is for adults, those thinking of marriage, or those already married. It explains many aspects of the rich teaching of the Catholic Church on love in marriage and responsible parenthood.

It offers particular guidance on the Billings Ovulation Method as one of the most effective and widespread methods used successfully for the achievement or the postponement of pregnancy, – nurturing love, co-operation and understanding between husband and wife.

Studies on Human Reproduction

By: Professor-Emeritus James B. Brown

An essential resource for all Billings Ovulation Method® teachers and other Health Professionals.

This monograph explaining the variants of ovarian activity, termed The Continuum by Professor James Boyer Brown, is the result of his life time of study of over 850,000 hormonal assays of women through all stages of reproductive life. An easy to digest explanation of the events of the normal fertile cycle as well as all the variants of ovarian activity any woman may experience throughout her reproductive life.

This booklet shows why the Rules of the Billings Ovulation Method® mean what they say and gives women confidence that they are in control of their fertility at all times.

Differences Between the Billings Ovulation Method and Other Methods of Natural Family Planning 

By: Dr. Lek-Lim Chan

This booklet gives an overview of the differences between the Billings Ovulation Method® and a number of other methods of natural family planning. 

Good background reading for those who thought all methods were essentially the same.

This method we practiced for the early years of our marriage and although we had some mistakes, we were able to bond and our charts are still in our archives. We are still in love and although our last baby is 34 we encourage all to learn and use this method.

Clayton Browne